Angela blames poltergeist for mystery bedroom blaze

AN unexplained fire is the latest baffling phenomena at the home of a woman who claims she is being pestered by a poltergeist.

Angela Casswell (43), says she is too scared to go back home after the latest incident in which a bedroom was damaged by fire.

Firefighters have investigated and have ruled out electrical or smoking-related causes, but they have been unable to say whether the fire was caused accidentally or deliberately.

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Angela says she was returning home from her mum Dot’s house over the road, when they spotted smoke pouring from the bedroom window.

“It was very frightening. We don’t know how it happened. It’s like having a murderer in the house waiting to get us.”

“I’m convinced it was a poltergeist because it was at the window. We could see it’s face, like the Grim Reaper.”

Last month Angela, who rents the privately-owned house and has asked council officers to rehouse her for the sake of her health, called in a Rotherham spookhunter after scary goings-on over several months.

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Her story drew interest from all over the world and a  spooky message allegedly found on a window has attracted  the attention of South-Shields-based reelance journalist, author and broadcaster Michael Hallowell, who believes it is similar to ones found in the north-east and in Essex.

Angela and Dot claim to have both witnessed ghostly sightings, banging, lights flashing and death threats written on frosted-up bedroom windows.

Rotherham “psychical investigator” Ian Lawrence has carried out an investigation using hi-tech detection equipment, but found nothing apart from an “acoustic anomaly”, which he believes was a sound from outside the building.


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