Abandoned lurchers among Thornberry’s summer arrivals

TWO lurcher puppies abandoned in a cardboard box were among new arrivals as the busy summer season began at an animal charity.

The dogs were found in the street and taken to Thornberry Animal Sanctuary, while a rottweiler and mastiff have been left at the North Anston charity’s gates. 

Seven unwanted cats have also been dropped off in recent weeks and general manager Keith Holland said: “It’s a misconception that Christmas is the worst time for abandoning pets.

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“It’s actually summer, when cute pups and kittens grow up and owners no longer want to deal with the care, attention and commitment a pet needs.

“Two adorable lurcher puppies were left in a cardboard box on the street. How can people be so cruel?

“These are living creatures with complex feelings, not playthings to be abandoned after six months.”

Common reasons for abandonment at this time of year include not being able to afford kennel fees or not having anyone to look after the animals while going on holiday.

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Thornberry’s vet bill is £9,000 a month and the charity receives no Government or council funding.

Mr Holland said: “It’s only thanks to our kind supporters that we are able to keep helping the animals which are brought to us.

“Think before you take an animal on and lessen the burden on sanctuaries like Thornberry when the fun stops.

“We simply don’t have the space, but we would never turn these animals away.”

Contact Thornberry by emailing [email protected] or calling 01909 564399.

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