A puck-a way to complete the London Marathon

IT wasn’t quite a record-breaking day for ice-hockey mad Darren Milton but he did manage to complete the London Marathon in full kit.

As if that wasn’t tough enough Sheffield Steelers fan Darren (44) was hoping to become the quickest person to complete the marathon course in full kit — including helmet, all-over protective padding and hockey stick.

But he completed the race in five hours and 11 minutes — just over an hour more than the current record.

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Darren, of Chambers Road, Kimberworth, ran the race alongside his wife Jacqui (44) and they raised around £450 for charity Muscular Dystrophy UK.

The couple, who have two children — Jasmine (23) and Joe (19) — chose the charity as their nephew Josh Fitzpatrick (22) has the condition.