2,800 Facebook friends join hunt for missing dog Marley

MARLEY the rough collie has been missing from home for six weeks, but he is not alone–in fact he has nearly 3,000 Facebook friends all searching for him. And one of them has just offered a £1,000 reward for his safe return to owner He

When three-year-old Marley vanished on September 28 while out for a walk in Bolton-on-Dearne, 38-year-old Helen created his own Facebook site.

Dog lovers in their thousands signed up to join the search and now the celebrity dog has 2,800 Facebook friends scouring the countryside.

In the meantime Helen, from Bolton-on-Dearne, who runs a homeless hostel, has spent hundreds of pounds on advertising in the hope of getting her beloved pet back.

She has put up 4,000 posters throughout the area and has contacted every kennel and dog warden in a 40 miles radius.

But so far there has been no positive news of Marley, who is on the National Pet Register, is chipped and wears a collar bearing his telephone number and ID.

Said Helen: “I have never used Facebook in my life until Marley went missing. I set up his site and since then it has just snowballed.

“I am convinced someone has taken Marley in. He’s a loveable, intelligent dog and someone might even have kept him for breeding.

“But he is part of the family and we miss him desperately and we believe someone knows what’s happened to him. We just want him home and the search goes on.”

Anyone who knows of Marley’s whereabouts is asked to contact Helen on 07872 560449.