South Yorkshire Mayoral Elections: Everything you need to know ahead of 2 May

On the 2nd May people in Rotherham and the rest of South Yorkshire will take to the polls to vote for the next Mayor of South Yorkshire.

The elected Mayor -working together with the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority Board- makes decisions that affects the lives of 1.4 million people across the region.

Together they oversee funding which is used to help create jobs, upskill the workforce, support our public transport network, grow the economy and develop a new infrastructure and homes.

It’s important that everyone has their say on who should be elected as the next Mayor of South Yorkshire and makes their vote count.

Below is all the information you need ahead of the election on Thursday 2 May.

Where and when

Local polling stations will be open on Thursday 2 May from 7am to 10pm.

If you’ve received your polling card, you’re registered to vote.

You can vote in person and you must have photo ID with you or you can decide to vote by post or by proxy.

The deadline to apply for a postal vote is by 5pm on Wednesday 17 April or if you want someone to vote on your behalf, you can register for a proxy vote by 5pm on Wednesday 24 April.

If you haven’t already registered to vote the deadline to do so is by 11.59pm on Tuesday 16 April.

You can register to vote by contacting your local Council Electoral Office or online at

The full list of acceptable forms of voter ID will also be on your polling card.


What is the role of the Mayor?

The South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority Board is chaired by the Mayor and is made up of the Mayor and the four council leaders from Rotherham, Sheffield, Barnsley and Doncaster.

The Mayor is elected to serve a four-year term and to represent the 1.4 million residents who live in the region.

The Mayoral Combined Authority (MCA) has powers and funding which are used to develop new infrastructure and homes in South Yorkshire, support the public transport network, up-skill the workforce, grow the economy and help to create jobs.

Following the election, the Mayor’s functions will include those formerly held by the Police and Crime Commissioner. This includes holding the Chief Constable to account, overseeing a separate policing budget and publishing a police and crime plan for the region.

The MCA and Mayor can make decisions together, but the Mayor can make some decisions independently.


When will the new Mayor be announced?

The results of the South Yorkshire Mayoral election will be declared on Saturday 4 May.

For more information about the South Yorkshire Mayoral Election, please visit the website here or call 0808 178 6767.