Sheffield Council’s plan to tackle parking problem beside Rother Valley

SHEFFIELD Council has drawn up proposals to introduce a parking scheme at a hotspot near Rother Valley Country Park.
Rother Valley WayRother Valley Way
Rother Valley Way

The leisure venue is operated by Rotherham Council but the plans focus on Rother Valley Way to the west, over the city border.

A report to the Sheffield Council states that the scheme will “address the types of parking that occurs near junctions and on footways”.

If approved, the roundabout at Rother Valley Way/Meadowgate Avenue will be removed, and re-purposed to provide parking.

Double yellow lines will also be introduced “to prevent parking in unsuitable places” and provide some improvements for pedestrians and cyclists. Some on-street parking will be retained “for busy times”.

Traffic calming measures are also proposed on Rother Valley Way in a bid to “encourage suitable speeds on approach to the bend and provide additional crossing opportunities”.

Three objections have been made to the scheme, raising concerns that it will cause heavy traffic and push parking into the neighbouring housing estates.

However, the report concludes that the scheme “will result in a safer, more pleasant environment for residents and pedestrians”, limiting “parking in locations that can cause obstruction or hazards”.

The city council states that street parking will not be time-limited or charged, in a bid to minimise any parking on residential streets, and that restrictions will be introduced “where vehicles shouldn’t ordinarily be parked in order to promote the free and safe movement of traffic”.

Meanwhile, RMBC has promised improved parking facilities inside the park as part of the £5.5 million Levelling Up revamp, which will also add a new watersite cafe.