Wide disparity in Rotherham's housing market: expensive homes in Wickersley contrasted with cheaper areas

ROTHERHAM’S most expensive house cost more than 20 times the current average in the cheapest area.
Photo by Tierra Mallorca on UnsplashPhoto by Tierra Mallorca on Unsplash
Photo by Tierra Mallorca on Unsplash

The north-south divide in the borough — which echoes a similar split nationally — is revealed in data from finance firm Pinerock, who reported the average price across Rotherham moved by a tiny £55 in the last financial year.

The most expensive house sold in the past year was at Church Lane in Wickersley — at £1.07 million — while the costliest in the past five years was in Sitwell Grove, Moorgate, where a house cost one buyer a hefty £1.24 million in 2019.

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Pinerock’s figures — based on Land Registry data — show a clear north-south divide in the borough, with seven of the most pricey homes being in Wickersley and one each in Whiston, Morthen and Moorgate, and the average price in the costliest area being five times than in the cheapest.

The lowest median average house price by location, meanwhile, was £56,500 for the S65 1 postcode area, which covers Herringthorpe, Ravenfield, Thrybergh and central Rotherham.

The highest were found in the S60 8 postcode area, which includes Moorgate, Brinsworth, Catcliffe, Treeton and Whiston, and in S60 4, incorporating Moorgate, Whiston and Brecks, with £241,071 and £242,382 respectively.

Average prices across the borough fell by 2.47 per cent — just under £3,000 —  in the year to April, leaving the average price borough-wide at £142,028.

This was 0.93 per cent up on the March figure.

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Pinerock said there had been 2,813 sales in the borough in the year to April, with the highest monthly price of £152,000 coming last November — since when the average figure has dropped by more than 6.5 per cent.

The current average house price is £142,028 for all house types, £273,167 for detached and £153,660 for semi-detached.

Rotherham is ranked 1,034 out of 1,157 areas for its average property prices, according to Pinerock.

Nationally, prices rose by 0.44 per cent between March and April, according to Land Registry figures, with the national average price falling to £261,312.

In the year to March, there was a clear north-south divide nationally, with the south-west seeing a 3.46 per cent rise and the north-east a 7.44 per cent drop.