Policies don’t make sense

REGARDING the controversial decision by the Planning Inspector to add another 3,000 homes to the Local Plan making 17,000 homes to be built. There seems to be a mismatch somewhere. We were informed that Group4S, the company responsible for dispersing asylu

The reason they gave for sending so many here is that “Rotherham has plenty of available housing!” This certainly seems incongruous with the Planning Inspector’s claim that we will need another 17,000 houses built! These two statements are incompatible and both cannot be true!

The council asks for suggestions on how they can save money. One way is to stop the publication of pamphlets and leaflets in foreign languages and we should stop providing translation services for people who come here yet can’t speak English. We cannot go to see a doctor in Spain unable to speak Spanish and then expect provision of a translation service for us, yet this is what happens here! If these immigrants want to live here then it is incumbent on them to learn English at their expense, not ours!

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The letter in last week’s Advertiser by Mark White claimed the proposed new landlord’s licensing scheme was bunkum. Then so is his letter, which claimed that landlords would have to raise their rents by £700 per annum to meet the cost of a licence. The council have stated that the cost will be a maximum of  “£687 for a five year licence”, which works out at £137 per annum, less than the cost of a TV licence per year.

A condition for applicants to obtain a licence is that they must be “a fit and proper person”. It is this requirement that appears to be making many of these shady characters apprehensive? What criteria will be used to determine this and does this make ineligible for a licence the deputy-leader of the council who is one of these landlords whilst having criminal convictions for violence and selling cigarettes to children.

A Richardson, Masbrough