Green belt phone mast plan rejected

PLANS for a mobile phone mast on green belt land have been rejected by the council.

Cornerstone Telecommunication Infrastructure applied to build on a site at Wentworth Road in Swinton.

The development would have included a 17.5 metre mast plus supporting antennas and equipment cabinets.

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The firm said: “This is a critical network site for coverage for both Vodafone and Telefonica UK.

“It is considered that the appearance of the proposed structure would not seriously impact upon the visual or residential amenity of the area, not would it form an obtrusive feature within the surrounding area.”

But Rotherham Borough Council said Cornerstone had not sufficiently explored other sites in the area which fall outside the green belt.

A spokesman added: “No very special circumstances have been identified by the applicant for this specific location.

“The proposal represents inappropriate development that is considered to have a detrimental impact on the visual impact and openness of the green belt in a prominent location.”

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