Wickersley ‘zone’ limiting new licensed premises is renewed

RESTRICTIONS on new nightlife venues opening in Wickersley have been renewed for another three years.

The village became the first in Rotherham to have a cumulative impact zone (CIZ), which was imposed in 2020.

The move by RMBC followed concerns about the disruption and anti-social behaviour experienced by residents as a result of Wickersley’s rise in popularity for nights out.

Although the number of crimes reported has fallen in recent years, the village still has the highest figure for incidents where alcohol is a contributory factor, excluding Rotherham town centre.

The council’s assessment of the CIZ says: “The most common crimes committed in Wickersley that are connected to licensed premises were offences of a violent or sexual nature, which includes offences such as violence against the person, grievous bodily harm and sexual assault.

“This was followed by anti-social behaviour which consists of personal and environmental issues, as well as nuisance behaviour.

“Both of these offence types have a clear link to a night-time economy, or to those people who have visited a licensed premise before committing an offence.

“Other offences listed which could be associated with a night-time economy are theft, public order, drugs and theft from the person.

“Taking all of these offences into account, the majority of all crime recorded in Wickersley could be linked to the night-time economy within the area.”

The CIZ means that the council can judge applications for new or amended licences by taking into account the cumulative effect on the village, rather than judging each bid exclusively on its own merits.

Wickersley Parish Council supported keeping the current zone and RMBC leader Cllr Chris Read said: “It’s of value in tackling some of the anti-social behaviour issues that residents raise with us on a regular basis.”

The policy was renewed until 2026 at the cabinet meeting last Monday (20).