Generous woman offers free Christmas dinner to help the less fortunate

A GENEROUS woman is appealing for people in need to reach out to her as she offers a free Christmas dinner.

Linda Griffiths Freeman (62), of Rawmarsh, said she had made the offer online for anyone who would otherwise miss out during the festive period as she always wanted to help out where she could.

I don’t like to see people struggling,” she said.

“If I can give a bit of help, then I will. 

“It’s just me and my partner so I can make more dinner and take it to people less fortunate.

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“Things have gone bad over the last 12 months and people are struggling a lot more, so I thought if I could help them, I would do it.

“A lot of people have read it (the post) but no one has reached out yet — which surprised me. It’s getting close to Christmas now…”

Linda said there should be no shame in taking her offer. 

The generous cook said she had struggled with her mental health for a long time and felt better when she could help others.

She said the offer was still on, and if anyone reaches out to her tomorrow or on Christmas Eve, she will still be able to cook dinner — and deliver it if required.

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Linda said: “The offer is still on. I’ve ordered my vegetables from the store and I’ve ordered extra just in case.”

If you're struggling or you know someone who is, you can contact Linda at [email protected].

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