Couple's delight at Christmas fund-raising total

Martin Smith and his grandson Ryan HobsonMartin Smith and his grandson Ryan Hobson
Martin Smith and his grandson Ryan Hobson
A COUPLE are buzzing after their annual Christmas lights display raised more than ever before - and twice as much as last year.

Hazel and Martin Smith have been lighting up their Rockingham Road bungalow in Swinton for a decade and this year visitors donated £815 for Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice.

Hazel said: “We raised £400 last year and this year we were hoping to raise £500, but due to the generosity of visitors we raised £815.70, which is brilliant.”

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The show-stopping display began on December 1 and guests have either left a donation in the box outside their home, posted donations through the letterbox or stopped the Smiths in the street to commend their efforts.

Two police officers even stopped by one evening to donate and take a look at the impressive display, Hazel said.

“People have put envelopes through our letterbox saying how wonderful it looks, people have been very kind,” she added.

“We’d also like to thank the stranger who left an 8ft Father Christmas on our doorstep - we added him to the display.

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“They didn’t leave a name or anything, Martin just came out one morning and he was there.

“To raise even more than last year, especially when times are harder for many people, is just fabulous and we’ll be doing it again next year.”

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