Motor-cycle rally urges motorists to save lives through vigilance

VIGILANCE is at the top of the motoring agenda in Rotherham this weekend as dozens of bikers remind all road users that a moment’s lapse of concentration can cost a life.

Robert Fox has organised an attention-grabbing Ride for Life bike rally in memory of his 17-year-old son, Jamie, who died following in a collision at a junction, in Thurcroft, in January last year.

Investigations into the collision later revealed that the driver that pulled out into the young biker’s path had left him with just 0.6 seconds to react.

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On Sunday (26) the devastated dad will be leading a convoy of motor-cycles through the borough in an effort to encourage motorists to be more vigilant.

“If people just spend a few more seconds making sure that nothing is coming at each junction, lives will be saved,” said Robert, whose life was shattered by the loss of his son.

As a qualified biker and constant user of the area’s roads I hope that his message is heeded.

Collide with a car following a moment’s lapse of concentration behind the wheel and you could can cost a fellow motorist serious money...collide with a motor-cycle and it’s likely to cost its rider their life.

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To join the this weekend’s Ride for Life event—organised by Robert Fox and his friend Ron Webster—contact Ron on 0791 0968 862.

The ride sets off from St Anne’s Church, Newcastle Avenue, Worksop, at 2.15pm and ends at the Sheffield Motor-cycle Centre, on Walker Street Sheffield.