Monaco Grand Prix inspires limited edition Renault

RENAULT hopes to transfer some of the glamour of the Riviera into its stylish Laguna Coupe with a special Monaco GP limited edition version.

The striking two-door coupe comes with a pearlescent white metallic colour scheme and a distinctive black roof and should hit UK showrooms shortly after the World’s most famous street race.

Gloss black 18-inch alloy wheels, Renault’s clever four-wheel-steering system, bespoke Monaco GP leather upholstery and a BOSE sound system are all included in the list price of £24,995.

The coupe version of Renault’s Laguna—traditionally a four-door saloon—hit the roads in 2008 with a silhouette and rear end design not a million miles from Aston Martin’s stylish DB9.

But the car’s conception coincided with the collapse of the motoring market and, as a result, the Laguna Coupe remains a rare sight on Britain’s roads.

This new limited edition version could help revive the stylish French car’s fortunes.

A choice of just one engine—Renault’s 2.0 dCi—suggests that the limited edition Monaco GP will not reflect the motorsport heritage its name alludes to, however.

Style over substance? Only a test drive will tell...

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