Half of drivers break 30mph speed limits

A SURVEY has found the shocking fact that most drivers speed in 30mph zones.

A study has revealed that over half of motorists choose to ignore the 30mph speed limits in residential areas and elsewhere.

Following the publication of new government data on speed limit compliance, RAC head of policy Simon Williams said: “It’s concerning to see that every year half of drivers exceed the limit on 30mph roads, with more than a fifth last year driving more than five miles an hour too fast.

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“One possible explanation for why speed limit compliance is so much worse compared to other roads is that drivers may be used to looking for speed limit signs, which are much less prevalent on 30mph roads as generally speaking the presence of streetlights indicates the limit is 30mph. While drivers should know this, perhaps there is a case for the use of more ‘repeater’ signs in 30mph areas so there is no doubt.”