Doncaster learners have a harder time on their test

IF you are thinking of taking your driving test in Doncaster, don’t be too confident about passing.

A new study has shown that the city has the third lowest pass rate in the UK.

Research by Howden Insurance revealed that Doncaster has the third-lowest percentage of people passing at 32.5 per cent out of 314 tests taken.

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This is way lower than Montrose in Scotland which showed itself to have the highest pass rate at 74.8 per cent, with Peebles second at 74.2 per cent.

But it’s better than Swindon in Wiltshire where only 21.5 per cent of people passed.

A spokesperson from Howden Insurance said: “Taking a driving test is always a daunting task, but perseverance is key when it doesn’t go your way the first time around.

“It is interesting to see the vast differences in success rates between the different test centres across the UK, with Scotland coming out on top.”