AA: Brexit may hit petrol, insurance, travel times

MOTORING experts say there are “many unanswered questions” around how Brexit will affect British drivers.

The AA says fuel prices will probably “creep up” as the pound weakens, while British motor insurance may no longer be valid in the EU.

Tighter checks at borders may also mean longer delays for motoring tourists and lorry drivers, while duty free allowances could be cut.

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The AA did not take a side on the EU referendum, declaring that members should make up their own minds.

A spokesman said today: “In terms of roadside assistance on the continent we can assure our members that they will be unaffected.

“The AA continues to work with the roadside assistance clubs across Europe and will ensure that our members are not left stranded at the roadside.”

Male drivers’ insurance premiums may increase, if an EU law banning gender discrimination is reversed.

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The spokesman said: “In December 2012 a new EU directive made it illegal for insurers anywhere in the EU to base the cost of insurance using gender as a risk factor.

“Potentially, this directive could be reversed following an exit from the EU.

“However, the AA doesn’t believe this is likely, given that there would be a significant cost to insurers.”

AA president Edmund King OBE said: “While the fallout of the referendum result will continue to be discussed, there are lots of points drivers will want to see resolved.

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“As the voice of the motorist we will ensure that their views are heard loud in clear throughout the negotiation process.

Fuel prices will be the biggest immediate concern of drivers with the weaker pound.

“We will oppose duty increases and continue to monitor the situation on behalf of our members.”