"World's smallest club" record under threat

By Michael Upton | 01/02/2018

'World's smallest club' record under threat

A WORLD record set in Rotherham could be under threat from some tightly-packed party animals.

The record for the world’s smallest nightclub was set at the first Rotherham Carnival in 2016 after businessman Ged Jenkins-Omar, business partner Stephen Robson and a team of helpers fitted lighting, a dancefloor and a sound system to a small shed.

But the Guinness World Record-holding Club 28 (above), which measured 6ft 6ins high, 3ft wide and 5ft deep is in danger of losing its title.

The Mayor of Kingsbridge in Devon wants to convert an abandoned phone box into an even-smaller “club” by blacking out the windows and installing strobe lighting, a disco ball and a speaker system.

Chris Povey told the Kingsbridge & Salcombe Gazette in a front page story that he hoped the move would bring some publicity to the town, although his council colleagues said the makeover should only be temporary.

Rotherham can testify that having a record-setting club can put you in the public eye, as Club 28 was put on show at Storrs Wood Gallery in Sheffield after a makeover by cult street artist Marcus Method and is now spending the winter in the Lake District after starring in a festival last summer.

“I read about their plans in (dance music magazine) Mixmag,” said Ged.

“I am intrigued to see how they will do it but I’m not too worried because the rules state you have to have two turntables and a DJ and I’m not sure they will have the room.

“But if they do manage it, we won’t let it lie — we’ll just build an even smaller one.”