Westby Avenue: Bring on Christmas

Westby Avenue: Bring on Christmas

By Amy Elizabeth Westby | 21/12/2010 0 comments

Westby Avenue: Bring on Christmas

Presents  wrapped—check, cards posted—check, festive CD in CD player—check, back up food in the freezer in case we get snowed in on Christmas Day—check...there’s only one thing left to do now and that’s hope that I’ve been good enough this year to get a treat from Father Christmas.

I’ve not got up to that much mischief this year, I’ve been too busy. I tried to climb a tree in my wedding dress which is quite naughty but apart from that I’ve been most well behaved (I’m sure my friends will say otherwise). Oh yes there was that incident of throwing bacon at my friend’s 30th birthday knees-up (don’t ask). Yes, that might cost me the curling wand I asked for.

This year, my husband and I are back at my auntie’s for Christmas dinner which means one thing...two words, one winner: SPROUT OFF.

This year we have a new contender in the family who promises to be our opposition - the Walton’s secret weapon. Oh yes make way for little baby Leah or the junior sprout monster as my cousins have been calling her.

I’m not too worried, I still think that with my dad, brother and husband on the Parkes team, we’ll bury more sprouts that those cheeky Waltonians.

It all comes down to numbers. I’ll have to step in and launch an investigation if they have more players than us - especially if the brilliant Margaret (grandmother) is on their team.

But you have to be in it to win it and like football, sprout contests are a funny old game. Anything can happen I just hope we take home the prestigious title for 2010.

This year, I’ve also decided to instigate a quiz of the year which I will be presenting in the evening as we travel back across the border to chez Westby (too much time on my hands I hear you say?)

You can’t beat some good old fashioned trivia on Christmas Day and it’s a good way to burn a few calories and use your brain after all that stuffing.

Whatever your plans are this Christmas I wish you health and happiness. I’ll be sparing a thought for those less fortunate than me and will take time to be grateful for the wonderful family and friends I am lucky enough to have.

Merry Christmas.

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