Well done Rotherham on your amazing wild flowers

Well done Rotherham on your amazing wild flowers

By Admin | 05/08/2015 2 comments

Well done Rotherham on your amazing wild flowers

ON July 21 my sister and I were driving up from Essex to visit family and friends in Rotherham. I want to say it was a pleasure to drive through Wickersley into Rotherham and see all the amazing wild flowers on the grass verges and roundabouts plus other displays. Whilst waiting for the traffic lights to change it was really lovely to admire such lovely flowers.

What a great idea someone had to save cutting and trimming these verges.

I shall be telling my local council here in Essex about this scheme and hope they can do the same.

After all the bad press our home town has had recently it is good to say something positive.

Well done Rotherham.

Sheila Hamson, Coggeshall, Essex (former resident of Rotherham)

  • YES Great idea There should be more sustainable projects like this for localised areas. It must be a money saver and helpful to wildlife that we all enjoy. Whiston cross roads still looks a bit baron though, can't we have perennials in barrels or something , to retain an historical refection? Might calm drivers down a bit with all that concrete and lights...

    Nigel Simpson. Thu 13 Aug 11:25:17.

  • Problem is they only look good for about a week. The rest of the time its untidy or it looks like overgrown grass.

    AlanWickerSley. Thu 06 Aug 00:25:53.

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