Watch Fleabag at Sheffield's Cineworld tomorrow

Watch Fleabag at Sheffield's Cineworld tomorrow

By Adele Forrest | 27/09/2019

Watch Fleabag at Sheffield's Cineworld tomorrow

I WAS lucky enough to catch a screening of award-winning cult comedy Fleabag’s last hurrah, which will be shown tomorrow at Sheffield’s Cineworld.

Fans can see writer Phoebe Waller-Bridge (pictured) return to her roots as she performs the one-woman show that inspired the BBC series for the last time.

The screening is dubbed as an “encore” after it was first screened live to cinema audiences from London’s National Theatre two weeks ago.

Tickets to watch the London show reached an eye-watering amount, so I caught this year’s biggest show from the comfort of Centertainment on September 12, along with dozens of other Fleabag fanatics.

Director Vicky Jones uses minimal props, just a stool and some spot-lighting, to draw the audiences’ attention to the centre of the stage, before a breathless Fleabag stumbles on.

She’s late for a meeting and in her sweaty haste accidentally removes her jumper, revealing her bra to a confused bank manager.

It is a scene fans of the TV series will know well, but onstage it is played out with the help of a voiceover instead of Outnumbered’s Hugh Dennis, who starred in the TV adaptation.

The rest of the characters throughout the uninterrupted 80-minute show are mimicked by Waller-Bridge — sister Claire and her gross husband Martin, who started life in the theatre as a lairy Scotsman, along with tragic best friend Boo.

Her impersonation of her rodent-like date, whom she meets on the tube, is particularly hilarious and credit to Jamie Demetriou who so wonderfully brought him to life for the small screen.

The only unfamiliar character who didn’t make the cut for TV was cafe regular Joe, a loud cockney who is also on the receiving end of an awkward bra moment with Fleabag.

It’s fascinating to watch Waller-Bridge bring to life an array of characters and back-stories while effortlessly moving between laugh-out loud filthiness and gut-wrenching sadness.

You can see her in action from 7.30pm tomorrow. See for details.