Surprise proposal interrupts street singalong show

Surprise proposal interrupts street singalong show

By Michael Upton | 06/08/2021

Surprise proposal interrupts street singalong show

MUSIC lovers watching a soundalike singalong in the street were shocked and charmed when it was interrupted for one of the spectators to pop the question.

Jack Godber (22) proposed to girlfriend of two years Chloe Rayner during the open-air Stars in Our Eyes show in Knaresborough Road, Conisbrough.

Jack said: “I had it in my mind for about a month before I did it.

“Our song, Just You and I by Tom Walker, came on and the compere asked for a volunteer to sing and got Chloe up.

“I came up behind her and proposed in the street.

“I had no idea what she was going to say.

“It was a big relief when she said yes.”

Chloe (22), of Highfields in Doncaster, said the street proposal had come as a big shock.

“I’ve been dropping hints, but I didn’t think he would have the guts to do it like that,” she said.

“When I was called up, I had no idea what was happening.

“I wasn’t going to sing I don’t sing!so he dragged me up.

“You and I is a song that was around at the time we got together so it’s a bit special for us.

“It was a little bit embarrassing, but I thought it was sweet.”

The couple met at a rave in 2019 and have a son, Miles, together.

Stars in Our Eyes co-promoter Yvonne Rufus said Jack and his dad Tony, who co-organised the event, had arranged with compere Wayne Green for the couple’s favourite song to be played at the start of the show so Chloe could be lined up for Jack to pop the question.

“We were supposed to be performing the week before but the show had to be cancelled because of bad weather so poor Jack was a bag of nerves,” she added.

Chloe said she was looking forward to getting married but added: “We have other things on the list first.”

As for the wedding plans, she said: “I will be in charge but suppose Jack can help with some things.

“We are going to have to go some to top that proposal.”

Chloe said she and Jack had loved being part of the open-air show by the lookalike troupe, adding: “It was a brilliant day, bringing people together after all we have been through.”