SNOW: Photo gallery of readers' pictures

By Michael Upton | 01/03/2018

SNOW: Photo gallery of readers' pictures
Picture Lucy Dakin-Scott

ROTHERHAM shivered under a blanket of snow this morning — but that didn’t stop you getting out and about and taking a few snaps.

The Beast from the East is still biting hard, with more snow forecast from 11pm tonight until 5am tomorrow.

Commuters struggled through the wintry conditions and all but two schools in the borough were shut today amid safety fears, so kids of all ages — and plenty of excited pets — had a great time.

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The UK has been battered all week by the Beast from the East weather system and Storm Emma, bringing blizzards and biting winds.

The Met Office has put yellow weather warnings in place.

A spokesman said: “This means that you should plan ahead thinking about possible travel delays, or the disruption of your day to day activities.”

The weather has also hit flights at Doncaster Airport, and some First bus routes were diverted but most train routes were unaffected.

Rotherham Borough Council said only emergency repairs were being carried out to council houses.

For details of council services affected by snow, visit

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