Rotherham songwriter inspired by isolation

Rotherham songwriter inspired by isolation

By Admin | 19/06/2020

Rotherham songwriter inspired by isolation


A HOSPITAL worker who was once in a band with a former member of Iron Maiden has penned a lockdown song.

John Slater (44), a graphic designer at Rotherham Foundation NHS Trust, initially wrote his song Satellite as a poem to encapsulate his feelings about how the world was adapting to Covid-19.

But the guitarist was inspired to use his musical talents and put the lyrics to music – and the result can be seen on John’s Youtube channel where he performs as Arcadian Blood.

John said that initially he wrote the song as a bit of fun but it had provided him with an opportunity to write about how he felt about the pandemic.

“I wrote the song because I had a lot of sympathy with people who had no other choice other than to self-isolate,” he said.

“The rest of us all had the luxury of choice and it inspired me to write down my own thoughts and feelings.

“I was trying to capture the solitude and vulnerability of those who felt forced into isolation at a time when the streets were empty but under constant surveillance from prying eyes.

“People were living their lives on social media and drinking was becoming a daily routine.

“Simultaneously, we can see solutions being put forward that were previously rejected by society such as 24-hour tracking, data sharing without consent, social media content and profiles being taken down.”

The song includes the lyrics:

“Walk on, walk on — Through the solitude of day.

Hold on, hold on — Love will always find a way.”

The “walk on” is a reference to the song “You’ll Never Walk Alone” which became a popular anthem during the early part of the lockdown.

John said: “I don’t generally sing but I’ve been in bands for most of my life and I write songs and record them.

“I don’t normally get up and perform on my own.”

John said he learnt how to play the guitar when he was 16.

The peak of his musical career came in 1999 when he joined a band with ex-Iron Maiden lead singer Blaze Bayley.

John was one of two lead guitarists in the band, Blaze, for six years before he decided to quit rock ‘n’ roll — at least professionally.

“You have to make a decision — it’s a very difficult life to uphold,” he said.

“I was in a long-term relationship and I had a mortgage.

“You have to decide whether you want a rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle.”

John, who has worked at Rotherham Hospital for ten years, has more recently collaborated with his wife, who has taken up the drums.

But this project was all John’s work – he filmed himself in his bedroom and added graphics which were either designed by him or edited versions of graphics he found online.

John, who lives in Kelham Island, Sheffield, said he was pleased with how his song had been received.

He said he was planning to record more work under the name Arcadian Blood in the near future.

You can watch John’s music video by searching for Arcadian Blood and Satellite on Youtube and you can listen to more of his work by visiting