Ron's Bradgate Park pamphlet proves popular

Ron's Bradgate Park pamphlet proves popular

By Michael Upton | 13/07/2018

Ron's Bradgate Park pamphlet proves popular

A WRITER who is compiling a history of the park up the road and its surroundings said he is amazed by how much he has uncovered — and how popular the results have proved.

Ron Varo (83, pictured) is now onto the third edition of A History of Bradgate Park and Some of its Neighbours because readers keep contributing new stories and titbits about the area.

The 71-page book went on sale in March and relates the history of the park and the residents’ of nearby roads.

It also focuses on the River Mas, which Ron described as Rotherham’s “forgotten river”.

Ron said: “I am a bit of a magpie so I have accumulated a lot over the years.

“I’ve tried to limit it mostly to the park and the roads around it but I have found out so much.

“I’ve included some family history and some stories of my neighbours and the Robinson family who owned the old brick yard.”

He added: “As people read it, they are sending me more information, so I keep adding to it.

“I sold the first 100 copies, so we did a second run of 100 and I am now working on a third edition.”

Ron scoured old copies of the Advertiser and included the details of letters and stories he has picked up over the years, as well as several old photos.

He is as well-qualified as anyone to recount the Bradgate area’s history, describing himself as “Kimberworth born and bred”.

He added: “My house is still in line of sight with the site of my paternal grandmother’s house.

“Across the park is where my maternal grandmother lived.”

Ron said he had included a section about  how the river winds its way into town before meeting the River Don, and looked into the metalwork empire of the Walker family in Holmes.

“For such a small area there’s a huge amount of history here,” he said.

The booklet is on sale through Rotherham Civic Society, priced at £6, and is also available at Rotherham Visitor’s Centre in the Makers’ Emporium on High Street, Kimberworth News on Fellowsfield Way and Mike’s Book Stall in the Rotherham Market.