Rock craze rolls into Rotherham

By Michael Upton | 03/02/2018

Rock craze rolls into Rotherham
Louise Mould of Rawmarsh who set up the Rotherham Rocks Facebook page, pictured with her children Sam and Katy and their decorated stones. 180133

A NEW craze combining art and treasure hunting is rocking Rotherham.

The town is enjoying its own Stone Age after children flocked in their thousands to join in the latest social media sensation.

But while previous fads like Pokemon Go have required mobile phones and almost-endless battery life, Rotherham Rocks is more like an old-fashioned treasure hunt.

Those taking part are encouraged to decorate large pebbles or stones with colourful designs before leaving them hidden in public places for others to find and report their finds on the “Rotherham Rocks (decorate, Hide, Find)” Facebook page, which has attracted 3,300 members in just a few weeks.

Designs produced so far have included smiley and scary faces, animals, slogans and superhero logos, but the collection is growing all the time.

Group founder Louise Mould said: “I have been shocked and delighted by how many people have got on board.

“It’s exciting for us when people find them and update the Facebook page, and the kids all seem to be loving it.”

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