REVIEW: Legally Blonde, The Musical

REVIEW: Legally Blonde, The Musical

By David Parker | 14/11/2019

REVIEW: Legally Blonde, The Musical

IT’S pink, it’s glamorous, and it’s empowering — oh, and did I mention it’s pink?

Legally Blonde, The Musical, is the story of Elle Woods (Kirsty Taylor), a blonde-haired, puppy-loving cheerleader from Malibu who is determined not to fit the stereotype and drops everything to get into Harvard Law School so she can prove her love interest Warner (Ben Loy) that she can be. 

Taylor, who takes on the role of Elle for a second time, certainly looks the part, as she is a dead ringer for big-screen counterpart Reese Witherspoon who famously portrayed her character in the 2001 film.

Donning a series of striking outfits which seem to get pinker and pinker as the show goes on, Taylor is a total professional as she acts, sings and dances her way through the courtroom caper.

Her love interest is Warner, portrayed by talented singer Loy, who has twice made the X Factor Boot Camp and once reached the Open Mic UK final.

His singing talent shines in his duet with Elle, Serious, and it is a shame we do not hear more solo performances from him.

Having been dumped by Warner, Taylor decides to follow him to Harvard Law School, where her tutor is Professor Callahan, played by experienced amateur performer Ashley Booker.

We see Taylor’s character hopelessly chasing Warner despite the fact he is wooed by new love Vivien (Katie Eyre).

Elle, meanwhile, grows ever-closer to her student mentor Emmet Forest, played by Sam Clarkson, who is well-cast as the “good guy”, compared to Loy’s “bad guy” persona.

It would be a crime not to mention the starring roles taken on by four-legged actors Nellie and Freddie, as Bruiser the chihuahua, and Gus as Rufus the bulldog.

Speaking of Rufus — he belongs to hairdresser Paulette, hilariously portrayed by Grace English, who tells us she enjoyed developing her Irish jig — one of the more unusual routines to feature in the otherwise all-American production.

Elle eventually comes to her senses and realises that she should use the opportunity of Harvard Law School for more than just chasing a guy — and in turn it becomes a tale of girl power.

Aside from all the pink, the glitz and the glamour, there’s enough comedy and visual gags in this Rotherham Musical Theatre Company production to keep the whole family entertained.

Catch it at the Civic until tomorrow.