Phone-flinging Crowe at it again - with a log!

By Michael Upton | 11/05/2010 0 comments

Phone-flinging Crowe at it again - with a log!

PHONE-flinging star Russell Crowe almost caused a national emergency during the filming of Robin Hood—by throwing a log at the visiting Prince Andrew.

The Kiwi actor, notorious for lashing out at a photographer with his mobile phone, was at it again when the Duke of Yorks dropped in on the set in his family’s back yard—Windsor Great Park.

This time around, the flying assault was only meant in jest—but just imagine the reaction if the prince hadn’t reacted quickly and caught the prop log.

Crowe, who admitted that he was impressed with the Duke’s sense of humour and charm, explained the stunt as an attempt to prove the royal heir is just a normal "bloke".

“I threw it where he had the best possible chance of catching it,” he told Live Magazine.

“The thing is, if I'd thrown it too hard I'd have made a complete jerk of myself, and it wasn't about doing that.

“It was about showing a group of Englishmen, who were a little bit overawed with their prince being there, that's he's a bloke and is ready for a bit of fun.”

I’ll take some convincing that Prince Andrew is a normal bloke, I’m afraid, but you can’t blame Crowe for trying.

Even if it’s fun to imagine how the press and the Royal Family would’ve reacted to a “Crowe breaks prince’s arm”-style situation.


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