PARKES LIFE: Hen party count down...

PARKES LIFE: Hen party count down...

By Amy Parkes | 10/06/2010 1 comments

PARKES LIFE: Hen party count down...

HOW anyone can keep calm and in control of their emotions in the run up to their wedding is beyond me.

Yes, I’m feeling a little anxious at the moment–I’m not the most organised person in the world and with the clock-ticking to the big day, my to-do list is getting longer rather than shorter.

Some of the things on there I love-anything that involves cutting and sticking, ribbons or glitter, I’m in my element.

It’s things like the seating plan and running order of the day that get me in a spin. I’m just not a practical, common sense kind of girl so coming up with simple, easy solutions to church parking and getting the button holes to the ushers, keeps me awake at night.

It’s daft I know but I was warned by friends who are former brides that small tasks may be the ones that cause the headaches.

I just can’t believe how many things there are to do and my fiance and I have been as organised as we can be, hosting monthly wedding meetings (much to his delight).

I am trying to enjoy it all because I know it will all be worth it on the big day which really is not that far away.

And what is even closer is my hen party which I simply can not wait for!

My friends and I have decided to go for a cocktail making workshop followed by a night on the town. I’m sure we won’t get ourselves into any trouble but I will have to keep my eye on my mum, she likes a good boogie!

We’ll be wearing pink and black and sipping champagne, a classy affair–which is exactly what I hoped for on my last official outing as a single lady.

Mind you I’m not sure exactly what tricks the bridesmaids have in store so I’m bracing myself just in case 

But bridesmaids if you’re reading this, you better cancel that stripper or there will be trouble-there’s still time for me to buy you all a Jordan-style tiara to wear with your dresses!

  • Many Congratulations on your approaching big day Amy and Fiance!! Make sure you enjoy your last night of freedom....I'm sure you'll only get what you deserve from the Bridesmaids!

    helenlawton. Thu 10 Jun 13:18:25.

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