Meet Yorkie — Gulliver’s T-Rex terror!

Meet Yorkie — Gulliver’s T-Rex terror!

By Gareth Dennison | 05/06/2020

Meet Yorkie — Gulliver’s T-Rex terror!


A TOWERING T-Rex at hotly-anticipated Gulliver’s Valley has a new name thanks to a competition run by the Advertiser.

The 15ft dinosaur at the forthcoming theme park will be a real Yorkshire terror — after it was given the name Yorkie.

The winning name was submitted by Jonathan Teasdale, after daughters Grace (8) and Harriet (3) chose the winning moniker.

Jonathan (42), of Throapham, said: “We had just sat down from lunch when I spotted the competition on the Advertiser’s Instagram account.

“I said: ‘Come on, we’ll have a go at this’ and we wanted it to be something on the Yorkshire theme.

“The girls were chuffed to bits when they found out we had won.

“Although Harriet has now decided she likes the name Bob better, but we’ll not mention that!”

Yorkie is the biggest of more than 30 animatronic dinosaurs to have arrived in the Lost World at Gulliver’s Valley.

He is 30ft from nose to tail, and will stand guard over the T-Rex Tower attraction, which plummets brave riders down a waterfall in their dino dinghies.

As well as naming Gulliver’s resident tyrannosaurus, Jonathan’s prize also includes a family ticket to Gulliver’s Valley for up to six people.

Julie Dalton, the theme park firm’s managing director, said: “We love the name Yorkie for our towering T-Rex, although the dinosaur is definitely more Yorkshire terror than terrier!

“We’d like to thank Jonathan and his daughters for their winning entry and, when we have been advised by government that it is safe to do so, we can’t wait to welcome him and his family to the park to meet Yorkie the T-Rex in real life.”

The park opening had been set for spring but has been postponed because of the virus pandemic.

Julie added: “We’re working hard to create different ways of delivering great experiences that fully adhere to distancing guidelines, as well as building on the measures we have already developed, so we can continue to provide safe and enjoyable family days out.

“Once these are in place, and we have further advice from the Government around the reopening of theme parks like ours, we will be in a better position to set a new date.”