LETTER: A night to remember

LETTER: A night to remember

By Admin | 15/10/2019

LETTER: A night to remember

ON Saturday night (September 28) I attended a concert by Thurnscoe Male Voice Choir at Wentworth Church.

It turned out to be a master class in the art of harmonic singing.

For example Nessun Dorma, made famous by Pavarotti, was perfectly harmonised by the choir.

An American Trilogy, well known to Elvis fans, brought something different and the final part Glory Hallelujah was especially stirring.

As the concert progressed, there was a sense of what could be achieved in a troubled world if more people worked in harmony.

Thurnscoe Choir showed all that is the very best about our country, and as the final hymn drew to a close the packed audience was on its feet.

I clapped till my hands were stinging.

A night to remember.

Ben Coward, Thorpe Hesley