Jason’s a triple threat

Jason’s a triple threat

By Michael Upton | 08/10/2020

Jason’s a triple threat


JASON Bickerstaff leads a double life — and it’s soon going to be a triple one!

To friends, family and workmates he is simply Jason, but he has carved out a career as Jake Cross, author of tense thrillers.

Now working on his seventh novel, the Ravenfield writer is taking on another new identity as he plans to publish it under a female pseudonym.

“Now I’ll have two fake names to deal with,” he laughed.

Jason, whose latest book has just come out under the name Jane Heafield, has shifted more than 60,000 paperbacks and audiobooks over the last two years, picking up a following with his blend of psychological drama and action.

“The latest book is hopefully is the start of a new series,” he said.

“The main character is detective Lucy Miller.

“She loves the high profile cases. In this book, she gets the perfect case but it is stripped away from her — she is not happy about it so she tries to stick with it.”

Readers may spot places they recognise in Jason’s novels, as locations in Sheffield pop up every now and then.

When he is not hard at work in front of his laptop on the dining room table, 47-year-old Jason works at Buzz Bingo, where his job includes calling the numbers.

But it is words rather than numbers that get him fired up, as he adds: “I have a little voice recorder I take with me everywhere for notes. Things pop into my head all the time.

“Nothing is better than creating a novel you’ve spent six months on but I could never not be a writer — even if I didn’t think my stuff would be published, I would still write.”

While Jason’s books have found an audience in ebook and traditional form, the dad of three has yet to find favour with partner Jessica.

“She never reads them,” he admitted.

“I have been in an online group with other authors talking about how their partner is their first reader and editor but she’s not interested — she’s read about one chapter.”

Dead Cold, the first novel in the Lucy Miller series, is available now through Bloodhound Books.