HEALTH & WELLBEING: Life after surgery for Karen

By Admin | 12/02/2018

HEALTH & WELLBEING: Life after surgery for Karen

QUADRUPLE bypass patient Karen Hatfield is active more than ever thanks to the Active for Health programme.

In 2014, Bramley resident Karen suffered a heart attack which later led to surgery. She said:  “After my operation I didn’t have any rehabilitation but felt like I needed to get out of the house and do something.

“I went to join a gym and they recommended I take part in Active for Health sessions that help people with heart conditions.

“The exercises are tailored to people who have had a heart attack, bypass or other cardiac problem, and the trainers are specialised so they know what we can and can’t do and what works best for us.

“Each session is an hour and we do circuit training using light weights, a fitness ball and a bike for two minutes at a time.”

Karen joined the programme two years ago. In that time, she has seen results and has been encouraged to be more active. “I go to sessions twice a week and I also go to pilates and I joined the Shape Up programme. All together it’s helped me lose a stone and it’s built my confidence,” Karen added.

“Active for Health has helped me get fitter and get out of the house to meet new friends. Everyone is really friendly and it’s nice to be part of a group.”

To get onto an Active for Health session, your GP or health professional will need to refer you. The initial 12 week scheme is free, and following classes are priced at £3.50 - £5. Refreshments and social time are incorporated into all sessions should you wish to stay and chat. Find out more at or contact the Active for Health team on 01709 363355.