Grimm and Co’s young writing talent hits the big screen

Grimm and Co’s young writing talent hits the big screen

By Adele Forrest | 13/02/2018

Grimm and Co’s young writing talent hits the big screen
The young scriptwriters from Grimm and Co

FIFTEEN young writers from magical apothecary Grimm and Co will see their stories featuring bats and cheese factories brought to life on the big screen.

The Big Picture event will showcase the talented youngsters’ scripts with a special event at the Showroom Cinema in Sheffield on February 24.

Last summer, the writers worked with volunteer authors and literary advisors to create six magical stories involving vampire bats, cheese factories, singing boulders and draglets (a sort of dragon for those who don’t know). 

The writers have not seen their scripts since September because for the last four months, independent film companies, directors, camera teams, animators, make-up artists, musicians and actors have donated their time to turn the scripts into films for the big screen.

Actor Paul Clayton, who is also a Grimm and Co patron, said: “Trips to the cinema in Rotherham and Sheffield were a vital part of my childhood.  

“A few hours in magical exciting adventures in other worlds – I can only begin to imagine how I would have felt if I had been able to see one of my stories on the cinema screen as a child.”

Paul, who has been involved in the project, said it would give children a taste of success, adding: “It shows our next generation that if you work hard and use your imagination, then people will applaud you, literally in this case.  

“And from what I've seen of the rough cuts so far, I think the applause will bring the house down.”

The literary charity works with children to inspire a love of all things writing as well as lots of magical antics at Grimm and Co’s Doncaster Gate store in Rotherham Town Centre.

Fellow screen star and patron Jeremy Dyson added: “This is such an exciting project. 

“It’s so inspiring for young writers to have the opportunity to see their imaginations brought vividly to life on the big screen in this way. 

“I’m sure it will give them all an experience they’ll never forget.”

The Big Picture screening will begin at 4pm, tickets start from £7, to buy visit