Dead Boys are back in town

By Michael Upton | 17/01/2018

Dead Boys are back in town

AMERICAN punk rock pioneers The Dead Boys are back on the road — and stopping by in South Yorkshire next month.

The “boys”, who have been going since the 1970s, will be at The Corporation in Sheffield on Thursday, February 1.

They are touring to mark the 40th anniversary of their landmark first album, Young, Loud and Snotty, which has also been marked with a special re-recording of the classic record called Still Snotty: Young, Loud & Snotty at 40.

The Dead Boys were one of the first American acts to combine the proto-punk fervour of bands like the Stooges and the New York Dolls with a new level of intense energy.

After their 1977 debut, the band produced one more album but split in 1979.

They reunited for a few gigs in the 1980s, but following the death of lead vocalist Stiv Bators in 1990, the band members went their separate ways except for two brief reunions in 2004 and 2005.

The return of the Dead Boys began with guitarist Cheetah Chrome, who recruited Jason Kottwitz on guitar, Detroit punk legend Ricky Rat on bass and vocalist Jake Hout from “zombie” Dead Boys tribute band, the Undead Boys.

Chrome said: “The original album was actually a demo.

“None of us had been in a studio before, and we figured we would go back in and do it right, but the label said no.

“It has stood up, but 40 years later we can do a 'What if?' What would it have sounded like if we could have gone back in? So that's what this is about.

“It’s not better. It’s just different.”

Tickets for the Sheffield show are available at priced £17.50.