COLUMN: My life on lockdown - Savanna Darnell

COLUMN: My life on lockdown - Savanna Darnell

By Admin | 24/04/2020

COLUMN: My life on lockdown - Savanna Darnell

WHAT is life on lockdown like for an online influencer?

Is it a good time to be creative? Are all those digital skills coming in useful?

Singer, dancer and Love Island star Savanna Darnell gives us the insight from her Dinnington home into how she is keeping her tens of thousands of followers entertained - as well as herself sane - plus tips to stay positive.

“Lockdown is the best time to be creative. I have all the time in the world to have my creativity flowing in all areas. It's a good time for YouTubers/influencers.

It’s also a great time to START that YouTube channel that you've always wanted to start. Learn new skills. There's time to put your mind into the stuff you haven't had time to do.

Staying productive and busy is key in times like these. I had a day where I stayed in bed and did nothing and I felt so down and upset. When I’m having a creative and productive day I feel amazing!

Stay creative. Try and stay positive. Before you start your day, think about all the things you have to be grateful for.

I'm with my boyfriend and my family in quarantine. My boyfriend and I are quite a new relationship, so that has definitely been challenging to spend so much time with each other.

It’s nice spending time with my mum and sister in these times, we make sure we watch a series every night together, a few episodes and that brings us together. Sometimes I like to keep myself to myself and stay in my room all day being creative, so I might not see them till 7pm, ha!

It's a crazy world that we're living in. But we’ve got to stay positive. Keep your hopes high and stay happy.”

To watch Savanna’s latest YouTube videos about her quarantine daily routine and the effect it is having on her relationship, search SJ - The Royal Couple on YouTube.