Care home residents take part in RSPB wildlife survey

By Michael Upton | 27/02/2018

Care home residents take part in RSPB wildlife survey
Broadacres Care Home resident and retired GP Michael Viney (87) ticks off the birds spotted in the garden during the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch.

ROTHERHAM care home residents have submitted their findings to the world’s biggest wildlife survey — the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch.

The elderly twitchers at Broadacres Care Home in Parkgate kept a close eye on their garden during the survey, when they spotted a wide range of flying visitors.

Homemade bird cakes attracted blue tits, dunnocks and collared doves, among others.

The residents were also on the lookout for squirrels, moles and even snakes — although no serpents were spotted.

Diane Rice, activities coordinator for the home, said: “The residents were able to identify every bird that flew into the garden, which was impressive.

“They had a great time watching them feed on the seed cakes they made earlier in the day to attract them to the garden.

“They were sat in the lounge and conservatory, keeping a close eye out and calling out the species when they spotted them.

“I’ve sent their findings off to the RSPB, to join hundreds of thousands of others from around the UK.”

The RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch involves over 500,000 people each year, with their findings helping to paint a picture of annual avian population changes.