Caravan of fun goes on tour

Caravan of fun goes on tour

By David Parker | 02/10/2020

Caravan of fun goes on tour


GRIMM & Co took their creative offerings out and about when their caravan parked up at Wentworth Woodhouse.  

Over two days, visitors to the gardens were able to find the Fantastical FloB Mobile, with supplies from the story-telling charity’s “apothecary to the magical”, as well as a range of creative writing activities.  

A fairy door trail led through the “enchanted woods”, children and families took part in a magical estate agent’s fairy door decorating and there was a botanical adventure with Violet Bloom and Dr Fennel.

The Fantastical FloB Mobile is a brightly decorated, vintage style trailer named by prize-winner Florence Billing.  

The trailer is part of Grimm & Co’s plans to get out into the community while renovations are taking place in their new premises at the former Talbot Lane Methodist Church.

Katie Ellis, who took parti n the activities, said: “Even the two-year-old was mesmerised and my six-year-old has been telling daddy all about it and asking when we can visit again.”

Grimm & Co are planning ways in which they can continue to provide face-to-face writing activities for children and young people and said they had something in place for the October half term.