Can you catch the composting bug?

Can you catch the composting bug?

By Michael Upton | 23/04/2021

Can you catch the composting bug?


A NEW campaign to encourage even more people to catch the composting bug is being launched next week.

The BDR Waste Partnership said compost could be produced from food waste, saving money and helping the planet.

Its new campaign will include social media posts about how to start composting — everything from setting up your compost bin, where to put it, what to put in it, to how different seasons affect composting.

And there are competition prizes up for grabs in a competition to win a state-of-the-art Hotbin composter, which can produce organic homemade compost in as little as a month.

Other prizes include three smaller Bokashi system bins, said to be ideal for small or paved gardens, or for people without a garden.

Abi Cox, community education liaison officer for the Manvers-based plant, said: “Composting at home gets more use out of garden waste and saves space in bins and money on fertilisers for the garden, so it's beneficial for the environment and your pocket.

“The Royal Horticultural Society has reported a 500 per cent increase on the 'how to compost' section of their website, and we want to do our bit to encourage even more people to take the plunge.

“We ran a similar campaign last year which generated a lot of interest from hundreds of people.  

“This year there are even more prizes on offer so we are looking forward to getting lots of entries.”

Both competitions will be run on the Waste Less South Yorkshire Facebook page and there are composting blogs on the website.

Campaign posts can also be found by searching #SouthYorkshireComposts on social media.

The campaign runs until the end of May and will coincide with International Compost Awareness Week from next Monday to Friday.