Become part of Rotherham literacy charity Grimm & Co’s new board game

Become part of Rotherham literacy charity Grimm & Co’s new board game

By Michael Upton | 18/10/2019

Become part of Rotherham literacy charity Grimm & Co’s new board game

A CURIOUS new card game created by imaginative kids stars a multilingual toilet door and a reverse-ageing blob of chewing gum — and you’re being given the chance to join them.

Extra-generous backers of Grimm & Co’s online kickstarter appeal to turn their young team’s concept into reality will be able to choose a character or location to include in the game, which could be themselves, a loved one, their home or any other spot with personal significance.

The literacy charity, which is putting on special half-term activities next weekend, needs £5,000 to make Twists and Tales available to buy and is more than halfway to its appeal target, which must be reached before next Saturday in an all-or-nothing race against time.

The storytelling game was dreamed up by a 19-strong group from Grimm’s Saturday club, all aged between nine and 11.

Once manufactured, it will contain 200 unique cards, each featuring an original and unusual creative idea created by the game’s young makers, crazy characters including the above-mentioned gum and toilet door figures and plots that include two pieces of luggage falling in love in an airport, but getting separated on the conveyor belt, and a squirrel thief stealing a precious magical artefact. 

Cards categorised as characters; settings; objects; and story starters can be used to create the most amazing stories in a huge variety of ways — and top-pledging Kickstarter supporters will have their suggestions featured among the characters and settings.

Louise Treloar, Grimm & Co’s communications coordintor, said Twists and Tales could be played solo or with friends, competitively or collaboratively, with stories told out loud, written down or drawn.

She added: “The aim was to make Twists and Tales accessible to as many different people as possible, taking the scariness out of having to come up with stories on the spot and enabling anyone to be able to spin a tall tale!

“The children have worked so hard on this project and are desperate to see it made into a real game. As a magical apothecary, we really want to help them make this dream come true.

“We now need our very kind supporters and the public to help with our online appeal.  
Just a few pounds will make a real difference.”

The creators of Twists and Tales want supporters to back their game because, in the words of one: “It’s pretty epic and you can make cool stories.”

The £5,000 targeted will be spent on completing the project, which includes artwork, manufacturing, filming, Kickstarter fees and fulfilling rewards for Kickstarter pledgers.

“If people aren’t sure about using Kickstarter, or making the payments online, we can take pledges in the apothecary, so people can pop in and do it in person if they like,” added Louise.

Visit to support the Kickstarter, which offers a range of quirky rewards alongside inclusion in the finished game, such as original stories and Grimm & Co treats.

Next weekend’s activities include access to Grimm & Co’s secret story centre — usually reserved only for classes involved in school sessions — mini-workshops, verses written to order and a special appearance by Sheffield Poet Laureate Otis Mensah.

Spots to take a look behind the secret door are available at 11am, 1pm and 2.45pm next Saturday, October 26.