Artist Pete McKee announces latest show after Magna sell-out

By Adele Forrest | 21/02/2018

Artist Pete McKee announces latest show after Magna sell-out
Pete McKee

ARTIST Pete McKee announced his new exhibition today two years after his sell-out show at Magna.

His latest show, This Class Works, celebrates and explores the working class. 

The show is different to anything he has done before as it will see Pete collaborate with fellow artists, film makers and photographers who share an affinity for the UK’s working class.

Pete said: “It’s been two years since my last show, Six Weeks to Eternity, at Magna which was an incredible experience for me and all who were involved and attended.

“During that time, I have been through a lot personally with my transplant operation but have continued to work wherever I can, so to now be at the point where I am ready to show the world my latest work, about a topic I am extremely passionate about, is a fantastic feeling.”

The 16-day exhibition will takeover a large warehouse in Burton Road, Sheffield, from July 14 to 29. Tickets go on sale on Friday at 10am.

He added: “I am delighted to be working with a range of other very talented, creative people in order to present this new exhibition which aims to re-address the unbalance that currently exists in media and society - unbalance that seems to deride and tar the working class as lazy, selfish, needy, ignorant, intolerant, worthless and the cause of all societies problems."

Pick up this Friday's Advertiser to find out how you can win tickets to show, which is set to be another sell-out.

And here is an exclusive look at one of Pete's new pieces of artwork from the show, called 5:15.