Art exhibition at Riverside House created by people with dementia

By James Recaldin | 17/09/2019

Art exhibition at Riverside House created by people with dementia
A flamingo standing in the Dubai Miracle garden created by residents in Stavely

AN EXHIBITION showcasing art created by elderly care home residents with dementia opens next week at Rotherham Council’s town centre HQ.

The free exhibition organised by Elaine Taff (57), of Oldale Grove, runs for one week from Monday at Riverside House.

Elaine said: “I would love people to come and see what these amazing people have done, to show how art can be therapeutic and beneficial and that these are people who still have a valuable contribution to make.”

The exhibition is being run as part of celebrating the National Day of Arts in Care Homes which falls on Tuesday, September 24, and it will feature 20 collaborative pieces on the theme of “gardens around the world”, which have been created by groups at care homes and dementia cafes across South Yorkshire. 

Elaine was teacher until last year  but said: “I’ve never looked back since as my work now is truly joyful.”

Now working as a franchisee for CreativeMojo, who provide craft activities for the elderly, adults with learning and physical disabilities and mental health concerns across the country, Elaine said she was able every day to see elderly people get their “mojo” back through the satisfaction of the creative process and the social side of working collaboratively.

She described the delight she felt when she saw gasps of amazement when each participant’s little piece of art was put together to make an impressive large piece. 

Elaine said: “The satisfaction it can bring can really brighten the day of the whole group. 

“Not only this but it is also lovely for the family of each person as well to see what they can achieve despite suffering from dementia.”