Animal lover’s lofty ambitions for unusual giraffe tattoo

Animal lover’s lofty ambitions for unusual giraffe tattoo

By Admin | 31/05/2019

Animal lover’s lofty ambitions for unusual giraffe tattoo
Natalie Yarrow who is having a giraffe tattoo in support of the Giraffe Conservation Trust, is pictured with Holy Ghost tattoo artist Alyx Wilson.

AN ANIMAL lover hopes her unusual tattoo of a giraffe will raise awareness and money for a charity working to prevent the “majestic” animal’s extinction.

Natalie Yarrow also has the lofty ambition that her sponsored inking will encourage others to do the same.

The 62-year-old will have her first tattoo done at the Holy Ghost Collective tattoo parlour in Rotherham town centre in aid of the Giraffe Conservation Foundation.

She has chosen to get it on World Giraffe Day — June 21 — and the tattoo parlour wants as many people as possible to get branded with a giraffe design.

They have pledged to give any proceeds from the designs on the day to the Giraffe Conservation Foundation.

Natalie, of St Mary’s View, Munsbrough, said she had first come face-to-face with the long-necked creatures when she accompanied her son on a school visit to Chester Zoo.

“You could stand on a step so you were pretty much face-to-face with them,” she said. “I just think they are so majestic.

“They are endangered now and some species have gone all together, mostly because of humans, either because we are taking over their habitat or hunting them.

“I have a collection of ornamental giraffes and people have bought me cuddly giraffes over the years.”

Natalie, who is registered blind and has limited vision, said she was relying on son Stuart (38) and the tattooist to get the design right.

“My son is covered in tattoos and for a couple of years he has been trying to convince me to have one,” said Natalie.

“On my birthday, he wanted to get me a voucher to get a tattoo.

“I said I would sleep on it, but then I thought, if I was going to have a tattoo, it would have to be something meaningful.

“I thought I could use the event to raise awareness, and hopefully some money, for the Giraffe Conservation Fund.

“Holy Ghost Collective have put fundraisers on before and when I put the idea to them they thought it was fantastic.”

Natalie said the tattoo parlour would be hosting a “flash day” and would be encouraging as many people as possible to have a giraffe tattoo.

“I have said I would like it to be realistic,” said Natalie.

“If I’m going through that pain I would like it to be as realistic as possible, so when people ask me about it I can say why I had it done.”

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