A world of our own: Festival brings "global" attraction to Wentworth Woodhouse

A world of our own: Festival brings "global" attraction to Wentworth Woodhouse

By Michael Upton | 04/11/2019

A world of our own: Festival brings 'global' attraction to Wentworth Woodhouse

WENTWORTH Woodhouse is the setting for a global phenomenon from this week.

The stately home’s Marble Saloon is hosting a giant glowing model of Planet Earth, giving visitors the chance to see the world as it appears from space.

Gaia Earth, an internally-lit scale replica of our planet, will be spinning four times faster than the real thing.

It has been brought to Rotherham as part of the WE Wonder Noir night-time art festival being run by Wentworth and Elsecar Great Place this weekend.

With climate change as its theme, the festival will feature a series of live theatre performances, culminating in the showpiece As the World Tipped, presented by Wired Aerial Theatre.

But while the festival only runs until Sunday, Gaia will be on show on selected days until November 25.

Luke Jerram, artist and creator of Gaia, said: “The first time humankind got to see the Earth in its entirety was in 1972 with NASA's Apollo 17 mission. 
“Visitors to Gaia get to see the earth as if from space; as an incredibly beautiful and precious ecosystem. 

“It was made to communicate a sense of the fragility of our planet. 
“We urgently need to wake up, and change our behaviour to prevent runaway climate change.”

Sarah McLeod, chief executive of Wentworth Woodhouse Preservation Trust, said: “We are privileged to have this amazing artwork with us for three weeks and urge people to come and see just how wonderful and precious our planet is.

“The setting seems very fitting. Gaia brings an incredibly powerful message of appreciating what we have and working together to preserve and conserve for the future.”

People going to As the World Tipped, a spectacular outdoor theatre production being staged outside the mansion on Saturday and Sunday, can see Gaia first, with their tickets valid every day until Thursday.

There are also free evening viewings from November 14 to 17 and November 21 to 24 from 6pm to 8pm, as well as viewing possibilities during standard house tours.

Tickets for WE Wonder Noir and free tickets to Gaia are available through Eventbrite.