ANGLING: Matches are a jubilee-free zone

ANGLING: Matches are a jubilee-free zone

By Martin Read | 07/06/2022

ANGLING: Matches are a jubilee-free zone
BLUEBELL Wood match organiser Keith Bright with winner Paul Slack


THE Queen's Jubilee seems to have passed the angling fraternity without a mention.

No matches to celebrate and no-one, that's been reported, even fishing in a red, white and blue outfit or having a party afterwards.

It was a busy Bank Holiday, however, with lots of additional matches being held — one of which marks the end to something which had become part of the Rotherham match calendar.

For the last 11 years Keith Bright has run a number of annual charity matches, usually on behalf of the Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice. In total Keith amassed more than £30,000.

Now Keith feels as though he can't continue and the last match, sponsored by Andy Pounder, was held recently at Barnburgh Lakes.

Paul Slack won it with a total of 197lbs 8ozs. Close behind in second place was Paul's son, Danny, who weighed 181lbs 15ozs which left Roy Stubbins' 111lbs 5ozs in third place.

Section winners were Dave Driver, 93lbs 10ozs, Graham Eblett, 62lbs 1oz and Andy Bacon, 73lbs 3ozs. The match raised £700 and thanks go to Mark and Sue at the fishery for hosting.

Spurley Hey anglers have fished two matches recently, the first at Lindholme Lakes which Mick Meredith won with 65lbs 2ozs. Ellis Straker was second with 62lbs 12ozs, beating Jim Pugh's 62lbs 3ozs into third place and Dave Wordsworth's 50lbs 14ozs into fourth. Section winners were John Richmond, 41lbs 5ozs, Mick Marshall, 37lbs 12ozs, Barry Fieldsend, 46lbs 7ozs, Roy Waites, 41lbs 5ozs and Ian Wordsworth, 26lbs 11ozs.

The second competition was held at Lodge Farm on the Lily Lake, where Steve Barry took the honours with a 72lbs 4ozs net. Kevin Elliott was second with 48lbs 8ozs followed by Mick Taylor with 34lbs and Roy Waites with 31lbs 9ozs.

Section winners were Charlie Dagless, 29lbs 2ozs, John Wotherspoon, 28lbs 10ozs, P Hodkins, 16lbs 15ozs, Jim Pugh, 23lbs 1oz and Dave Wordsworth, 25lbs 3ozs.

Rotherham's Aged, Blind and Disabled AC also held two matches, the first at Bank End whcih saw Alan Mitchell take the top spot with 108lbs 7ozs. Mike Stevens was his nearest rival with 89lbs 14ozs, with Jack Everson finishing third with 81lbs 7ozs and Derek Oldfield fourth with 74lbs 6ozs.

Section winners were Rob Sloan, 40lbs 2ozs, Eddie Lennox, 72lbs 8ozs, Vernon Howard, 66lbs 10ozs and Ron Smith, 29lbs 6ozs.

The club's second match was held at Lodge farm and the Lily and Long Island Lakes and where catches from the Lily Lake dominated the results. Ron Smith had the highest weight with a 96lbs 11ozs net of skimmers from peg 65. Derek Oldfield wasn't far behind with 92lbs 13ozs while Mark Whittaker finished third with 70lbs 1oz and Steve Roe fourth with 56lbs 14ozs.

Section winners were Vic Rusby, 46lbs 14ozs, Paul Rees, 42lbs 3ozs, Jack Eveson, 56lbs 12ozs, Mike Rhodes, 49lbs 8ozs, Neil Clark, 20lbs 1oz, and Dave Benison, 49lbs 7ozs.

Securicor and Friends fished the Heron Lake at Woodhouse Grange for their latest match which Kim Tirrel won comfortably with 102lbs 1oz. Roy Waites was second, someway behind, with 41lbs 5ozs just ahead of Dave Ramshaw who had 40lbs 4ozs for third. Glyn Dalton was fourth with 33lbs 1oz with Mark Thomas and Barry Burns fifth and sixth with 36lbs 4ozs and 36lbs 2ozs respectively.

Tyram Hall was he venue for the Killamarsh West End AC's latest fixture, a competition which was won by Pete Codman fishing in the margins for 97lbs 8ozs.

Chris Bacon claimed the second place with 78lbs 9ozs, leaving Andrew Morley's 65lbs 1oz in third place and John Hardy's 61lbs 10ozs in fourth. Jon Sutton was fifth with 59lbs 10ozs and John Cahill sixth with 51lbs 9ozs.

Two matches for the Red Lion AC, one at Lodge Farm's Long Island Lake and the other at Hayfield on Danny's Island. Ade Butt won the former with 53lbs 12ozs just ahead of Steve Roe who finished second with 52lbs. 35lbs 13ozs gave John Hughes the third place leaving Adrian Warriner's 35lbs 11ozs in fourth place and Derek Oldfield's 27lbs 8ozs in fifth.

Their second match was dominated by small carp, resulting in low weights. Andy Batham had the highest weight with 38lbs 15ozs followed by Ade Butt, who weighed 32lbs 14ozs for second and Tommy Turner, who weighed 29lbs 15ozs for third. John Hughes was fourth with 26lbs 5ozs, leaving Chris Moore and Andrew Warriner in fifth and sixth places with 25lbs 12ozs and 25lbs 8ozs respectively.

Craig McManus was the winner of the latest Kepple AC event held on the Inner Field Lake at Lodge Farm with a weight of 63lbs 10ozs caught fishing bomb and pellets. Steve Eaves wasn't far behind in second place with 62lbs 3ozs with James Colwell taking the third place with 60lbs 3ozs. Section winners were Mark Littlewood, 38lbs 1oz and Russ Downing, 37lbs 3ozs.

The Walkley Lads fished on the Kingfisher Lake at Hayton last Saturday where Paul Stanton fished 'the puller' for a winning catch weighing 76lbs 5ozs.

Tony Roden was second with 68lbs with Chris Garlick third with 57lbs 1oz and Paul Burton and Ron Smith tying for fourth place with 37lbs 12ozs. Ted Palmer was sixth with 28lbs 11ozs.