VIDEO: Moment dad surprises son with Euro2020 semi-final tickets hours before kick-off

VIDEO: Moment dad surprises son with Euro2020 semi-final tickets hours before kick-off

By Adele Forrest | 08/07/2021

VIDEO: Moment dad surprises son with Euro2020 semi-final tickets hours before kick-off
Jamie and Mason Sheldon at Wembley yesterday


THE moment superdad Jamie Sheldon surprised his nine-year-old son with tickets to England’s victorious Euro2020 semi-final at Wembley has gone viral.

Swinton-born Jamie’s clip of him surprising son Mason on Wednesday morning has been viewed more than 734,500 times on Twitter.

The video, captioned “No school today son! It’s coming home!”, shows Jamie telling Mason to swap his school shirt for his England shirt, before presenting him with tickets to the semi-final.

An overwhelmed Mason, whose bedroom is covered in Rotherham United memorabilia, wraps his arms round his dad before chanting, “Wembley, Wembley”.

Speaking today, Jamie said watching the historic win over Denmark in the capital with his son had been “unreal”, adding: “We didn’t have any chance to plan it,” he said. 

“It was a bit of a whirlwind but well worth it.”


Jamie secured the sought-after tickets for £1,000 each through his contacts in the boxing industry, where he is known as one of the best cutmen and hand-wrappers in the sport.

But before the father and son could travel to London, they had to endure an agonising 30-minute wait to get the all-clear from their Covid lateral flow tests.

“It was the longest 30 minutes of my life,” added Jamie (39).

Describing the scenes at Wembley, Jamie said: “The atmosphere was crazy,

“Just arriving and coming out of the tube, it was nuts. When they scored, it was the loudest roar I’ve ever heard.”

But it wasn’t all fun as Jamie’s video received a mixed response on social media with some people criticising him for taking his son out of school.

“I did get a lot of grief on Twitter with some people saying they are going to contact social services and tagging the Metropolitan Police,” said Jamie.

“It’s been horrendous with some people saying they hope Mason fails his exams — why would you comment like that?

“That video was created as a memory for me and my family. 

“I never expected it to go off on Twitter — Mason thinks he’s a celebrity now!”

Jamie said he didn’t regret his decision and would do it all again.

“I’ve never had this opportunity in my life and I just thought I’ve got to grab it with both hands,” he said.

“The day was about him — kids have had a terrible 18 months and have missed out on so much socially.”

The dad said he had not received a response from Mason’s school over his absence.

The family will be watching Sunday’s final at their Sheffield home where daughter Sienna will be the centre of attention as she celebrates turning five.