Rotherham Show returns with smiles and excitement

Rotherham Show returns with smiles and excitement

By Chloe West | 03/09/2021

Rotherham Show returns with smiles and excitement
Helen Averley, Steve Cousins and Adam Banach of Let's Circus are at the Rotherham Show all weekend to amaze and entertain!

DESPITE overcast skies and quieter crowds - day one of the highly anticipated return of the annual Rotherham Show still saw hundreds of people spread across stalls, food vendors and witnessing the wide array of entertainment on offer. 

The show has everything you could expect and more for people of all ages, including circus entertainers, yummy food stalls, charity tents and not forgetting children's games and the finest homegrown vegetables the borough has to offer. 

Many of the show's regulars have returned to Clifton Park with a spring in their step to make the most of the three-day extravaganza.

Ringmaster Steve Cousins of Newcastle-based Let's Circus, said Rotherham felt like a home away from home.

He added: "Being back at the Rotherham Show this year is lovely. It's like we've returned home.

"Our socially-distanced shows today have been full and we couldn't be happier to be back."

Mr Cousins added that their circus performances, on at 12.30pm and 3pm both Saturday and Sunday are free for all to see. They also have their own circus school next door for youngsters to learn a few new skills of their own. 

Karen Hunt, owner of Sweets of Yesteryear in Doncaster is another show regular and expressed her happiness of the show's return.

"I have really enjoyed being back at the show this weekend," she added.

"It's a show I love coming to and it's fantastic to be present at such an event to see some normality return."

Local residents Byron Smith and his sister-in-law Barbara Smith are two more show regulars who never like to miss it.

They said: "The show has been good so far and it's lovely to see it return.

"We've been coming for many years - some years with the kids and others just us. "We're very happy that the show is back." 

Another new pull to this year's event is the vaccine 'Grab A Jab' bus which will be present at the Rotherham Show all weekend. 

Jacqui McVann, business manager of Gateway Primary Care, said this was day two of the bus being present in Rotherham, adding: "Today has been a steady day which was to be expected, but we expect more people may come over the weekend.

"We had a really successful afternoon yesterday at Parkgate and we even had queues of people wanting to be vaccinated which was fantastic to see." 

The Rotherham Show continues with its fun at Clifton Park throughout the day both tomorrow and Sunday - so don't miss out.