Rape trial: Teenager's personality "changed" after being groomed

Rape trial: Teenager's personality "changed" after being groomed

By Dave Doyle | 06/02/2018

Rape trial: Teenager's personality 'changed' after being groomed
Asghar Bostan outside Sheffield Crown Court

THE MUM of a woman raped after being groomed as a teenager told police how her daughter changed around the time the abuse took place.

A statement by the mum, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was read at Sheffield Crown Court on Tuesday.

In it she described how her quiet and “passive” daughter — who dreamed of growing up to be a teacher — was once brought home by police in a mini-skirt, low-cut top and stockings.

“I first noticed a change around 2001,” the mum said. 

“She would come home from school and go straight out again.

“She became abusive and often called me and her dad terrible names.

“She became more difficult, demanding money to go out. 

“If she didn’t get it, she would do things to annoy us like stomping around the house.

“She had a mobile phone but it was often switched off. 

“When it was, we knew she wasn't coming home that night.

“When she asked where she was, she said it was up to us to find out."

The mum said her daughter’s father had gone several times to an address on Wagon Road, where the victim was known to stay sometimes, and tried to bring her home.

But, on more than one occasion, it was the victim’s dad who was arrested, she said.

The victim, who also cannot be named, said in court yesterday that her attacker was known as Don in the early 2000s.

She identified Asghar Bostan (47), of East Bawtry Road in Whiston, as that man.

Bostan is on trial facing two counts of rape, which he denies.

He denies ever being known as Don, having known anyone with the victim's name, having visited the address on Wagon Road where the attacks happened or ever having sex with a teenager.

In 2016, police found a notebook at Bostan's house, in which the name Don appears several times.

Taking the witness stand on Tuesday afternoon, he said he had "no idea" who had written this or when.

The trial continues.