New house recycling bin charge angers retired nurse

New house recycling bin charge angers retired nurse

By David Parker | 19/11/2020

New house recycling bin charge angers retired nurse


A RETIRED nurse who moved to a new-build house has criticised a council for making her pay for a recycling bin.

Liz Court, who moved to Newland Avenue, Maltby, at the beginning of August, had to stump up £22 for a general waste bin, £24 for a black recycling bin and £8 for delivery and fears charges such as these could dissuade people from recycling.

Rotherham Council charged Liz for her bins despite developing the estate she lives on through its housing development arm, Rother Living.

The authority told the Advertiser that it would review its policy on bin charges in light of the feedback from Liz.

Liz said: “I think if we’re all in this together, for recycling, surely the council or the developers should pay for the recycling bins?

“I just think, especially when there’s a push for everyone to recycle plastics, that somebody should pay.”

Liz did not pay for a bin for two months and was instead taking her waste to the nearby tip at Bramley and to her mum’s house.

She said she had been separating out her plastic bottles but the tip had refused to take them a making her put them in the household waste skip instead.

“Rather than give me a free bin to recycle my plastics, they would rather me take it and dump it in a normal skip. I think it’s shocking, said Liz.

Liz said that an officer at Rotherham Council had told her that any plastic waste she had put into the general waste skip would be filtered out at the council’s waste processing plant in Wath.

She said that meant that there was little incentive for people to buy a recycling bin because they could put their plastic bottles in a general waste skip for free.

Liz said she feared that making people pay for bins could also lead to an increase in fly-tipping.

“I went for a walk and the amount of fly-tipped rubbish was shocking,” she said.

“I don’t condone it, but this is what’s going to happen.”

The council delivered a general waste bin and a black recycling bin to Liz two weeks ago on the Friday\_ but made another mistake when four days later they delivered her two more bins she had not asked for.

A Rotherham Council spokesperson said: “The council has only recently started to develop homes for sale and shared ownership.

“Unlike private developers, the council builds homes on sites where there will be no profit, and in fact where there is reliance on public subsidy to cover the costs, if there is a strategic housing need in that area.

“This means that we try to avoid additional costs and the decision was taken to pass the cost of new bins onto the purchasers, which is the same as usually happens with most private developments in the borough.

“This is made clear to buyers at the point of sale.

“However, in light of Mrs Court’s feedback, the council will look at whether the cost of the bins and delivery could be added to the property purchase price in future.”