MP Sarah Champion "will not back Brexit deal

MP Sarah Champion "will not back Brexit deal

By Michael Upton | 15/01/2019

MP Sarah Champion 'will not back Brexit deal

ROTHERHAM MP Sarah Champion (pictured) says she will not support Prime Minister’s Brexit deal.

The Labour politician stopped short of saying she would vote against the proposal, on which MPs will have their say tonight, but said she was unable to back it, which could mean she will vote against or abstain.

Rother Valley MP Sir Kevin Barron said he would support Theresa May’s deal, while Wentworth and Dearne’s John Healey will oppose it.

Ms Champion said: “Over the past few weeks, I have carefully read and considered the many comments from constituents on how I should use my vote.

“As Rotherham’s Member of Parliament, it is my duty to represent the views of the people of Rotherham. This is something I take incredibly seriously.

“Rotherham voted, overwhelmingly, to leave the European Union. I respect this decision. 

“I therefore have no intention of seeking to block Brexit, or to try to reverse the result of the 2016 referendum. That is why I voted to trigger Article 50 to begin the Brexit process.

“Consequently, I had hoped that the result of the Government’s two years of negotiation would be a deal that I could support, that I believed would deliver what the people of Rotherham voted for. Unfortunately, the deal on the table is far from that.

“On workers’, human, women’s, equality rights and environmental protections, it falls far short of the guarantees Rotherham needs. 

“These are guarantees that are in the Government’s gift to provide; legally binding assurances that we will not fall behind Europe on these fundamental issues. The Government could have provided these assurances, but it has chosen not to.

“Instead, we are left with an astoundingly vague set of principles and aims. It is not the framework for a future relationship with the EU, nor a vision for Britain post-Brexit.

“My speech (last night in the House of Commons) set out some of the reassurances the Government needs to provide so the deal works for Rotherham. 

“Unfortunately, I have received no such assurances and consequently cannot support the deal as it stands. This does not mean that I will stand in the way of Brexit. 

“It simply means that I do not believe the Prime Minister’s deal is the right option for Britain’s future once we leave.

“I therefore dearly hope, should the deal be defeated in the House of Commons in tonight’s vote, that the Prime Minister will listen to the concerns that myself and colleagues have raised and bring back a deal that works for Rotherham.”

MPs are due to begin voting at 7pm.

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